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At Edge Design, we believe that first impressions are lasting. Our web and graphic design allows you to gain the interest of not only your existing but potential clients as well.

We work with businesses of various sizes and consistently deliver the highest quality product.

Advertising is a necessary expense, but does not have to be overly costly. Our pricing is well below the competition and we provide services tailored to suit your business needs.

In order to be the best, you have to work with the best; Edge Design offers you both!!

Web design: Showcase your goods and services Allows us to  work with you to construct a well built website, customize to your business's vision+needs

Graphic design: Have an idea would like to translate on to anything media can we help! An image has the power of a thousand  words; our graphic design conveys your visual messages to your clientele  

Corporate Branding: Our array of services will help you  build your client base and customer  loyalty. you can start with a logo and a slogan. Your customer  know who are +what you offer  

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2. Moi Magazine

3. Clear View Construction- Website

4. Calendars